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Fun stuff I've done lately.

My Greenhouse
What I'm planting this year.

Coyote & Diamond
Pictures and stuff of my dogs.

Friends & Family
My son Max and my best friend Tracy.

My sweetie has a need for speed.

Robert Maxwell
My son the accountant.


Robert Maxwell

My name is Robert Maxwell and I'm a 38-year-old accountant living in Acworth, GA. I hold a Masters of Accounting degree from Kennesaw State University. I'm a 1995 graduate of South Cobb High School.

I'm really into trains. I have a Christmas village train layout on the coffee table in the living room. We're also building a big scenic railroad in the garage.

I enjoy traveling. We went to Nashville to the Grand Ole Opry and met Connie Smith! We also went on a tour to see the homes of our favorite country music singers. One of my favorites is Martina McBride.

The McGee-Hollands at Daytona Victory Lane

Pete, my mother Jerilyn, and I (pictured above) on our vacation in Daytona Beach. We went on a tour of the Daytona Speedway. I recommend the tour because we had a lot of fun.


Web Design


My company.

The McGee-Hollands at the 2011 Daytona winning car

Here's a photo of me with my favorite NASCAR driver, Jeff Burton.

I spend my spare time on my PlayStation 3. My favorite games are Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed and Batman Arkham.
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My College Graduation 1998 (I get my degree at 8:09.)

My High School Graduation 1995 (I get my diploma at 9:29.)


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