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My Greenhouse

At our new house we built six new raised beds in the backyard. We've had great success growing the Celebrity tomatoes. In the back garden we grew a large crop of red okra, corn, and pumpkins.

Living here in zone 7a, I start my veggie seedlings in March in my greenhouse. However, this past year we have already gone through several days of below freezing weather here in North Georgia.

I've potted up hundreds of daffodils to grow over the winter. It can't frost in the greenhouse but it can still freeze. They all look fine. Thank Goodness!

Visit my garden blog for my '14 grow chart.


My greenhouse has enabled me to grow many plants that aren't normally grown here in Georgia. It also enables me to enjoy lovely blooms like this Nellie Moser clematis a season sooner.


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My company.

My Greenhouse

My cat Gateway (black and white blob in the foreground) is an arduous gardener. He's always digging in the garden and planting something.

He guards my veggies from the rabbits. Thank you, Gateway.

Check out my Greenhouse Slideshow.

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