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My sweetie has a need for speed.

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Friends & Family

I've recently been trying to reconnect with some high school friends and family members that I lost touch with through Facebook. It's been fun looking at all their family pictures and seeing what they've been up to.

I especially like this new program that has started. They are attempting to scan every high school yearbook in the United States. They make them into PDFs and then send them to you free on your email.

In 2010, we went down to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and toured the Canopy Walk through the trees and the new edible garden. It inspired me to plant my own flowering kale and cabbage garden.

Max getting his Masters degree.

My son, Max McGee, received his Masters of Accounting degree from Kennesaw State University. To celebrate, we took him out to Red Lobster.


Web Design


My company.

Me and Mom

This is me with my wonderful mother Marilyn Panter. She's originally from McCaysville, GA but now she lives in Roswell, GA.

She worked as a seamstress all her life. She's always been an attractive woman and recently participated in a pageant.

I love you, Mom. Thank you for being there for me and Max.

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