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Coyote & Diamond

Here are our babies. Many people think they're the same breed of dog but not so. Coyote is a Rat Terrier and Diamond is a Jack Russell.

Coyote is a rescue dog from Alabama. He's one of the famous Maxwell's Rats of Birmingham. A century ago, the Rat Terrier was highly promoted in this country by Teddy Roosevelt.

Diamond is also a rescue dog from Woodstock, Georgia. Her breed -- the Jack Russell -- is famous for successfully hunting foxes. They won't stop on a hunt until they have found their prey, including going into the hole after the fox.

Coyote & Diamond

Coyote on the left and Diamond on the right like to stay in dog-friendly cabins when we travel. Dog friendly=Pergo.


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Pete walking Diamond & Coyote

On Bluff Mountain in the Smokies in Tennessee, Diamond probably knows where all the foxes are.

Coyote on the other hand knows without looking when we've gone to Ming Moon Sushi Buffet.

They also like to go on the beach and chase all the noisy pelicans. Diamond likes to swim but Coyote sinks.

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Diamond attacks water hose.


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